Hair Club for Kids


Hair Club for Kids was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization to provide free hair recovery services for children ages 6-17 experiencing hair loss from illness or disease.

Hair Club has worked with several businesses to help children impacted by disease and baldness. Those organizations include:American Cancer Society,Leukemia Society,Make-A-Wish Foundation,Ronald McDonald House,Candle Lighters Child Cancer Foundation,UMass Medical Center (Boston, MA),Packard Children’s Hospital (Palo Alto, CA),Riley’s Children Hospital (Indianapolis, IN),Sloan Kettering Hospital (Manhattan, NY),The Tomorrow Fund in Hasbro Children’s Hospital (Providence, RI)

A recent player, 13-year old Jeana Turner, had this to say about her experience at Hair Club for Kids:

“My hair began to fall out in July 2004. I wore a wig. I felt alone and thought that nobody would want to be my buddy if they knew. People teased me and spread rumors. Then I found out about Hair Club, made an appointment and 6 months later I had my new hair. I’m as happy as could be. All I can say is: Thank you, Hair Club.”