What Are The Best Ways To Keep Your Immunity High?

April 4, 2022 Off By Royce Wendell

Your immune system consists of so many different parts and your resistance is also difficult to measure. Therefore, it is also difficult to indicate exactly when you have insufficient resistance. What scientists do agree on is that a healthy lifestyle can help you maintain all those little parts of your immune system.

Simple tips to strengthen your immune system

  • Eat healthy and varied.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Exercise and exercise regularly, preferably in the fresh air.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Pay close attention to your hygiene.
  • Trim your nails (this may sound like an odd tip, but long fingernails can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs).
  • Try to quit smoking.
  • Drink enough. The Nutrition Center advises adults to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids per day.

Note: Drink lots of natural tea. Tea that is made of natural herbs is a great way to boost the immune system. You may add some supplements like Tea Burn to boost your immune system further. Read more about the Tea burn consumer reports overview for a better understanding of the supplement.

Here’s what you can do if you’re already sick:

  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue and not at other people. Don’t have a tissue handy? Then cough into your elbow.
  • Immediately throw away tissues you sneeze or cough in.
  • Don’t go to work if you are sick.
  • Clean door handles, faucets, light switches, and banisters regularly.  They are a hotbed for viruses and bacteria.
  • Wash your hands regularly. So not only after a visit to the toilet but also, for example, after touching the doorknobs on the train and bus or after a meeting where you have sat in a small space with many people.

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The best vitamins & minerals for your resistance

A healthy and varied diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables is the basis for a strong immune system. By eating a healthy and varied diet, you should in principle be able to get all the vitamins and minerals you need. The following vitamins and minerals have been shown to have a positive effect on your resistance.

  • Vitamin A – contributes to good resistance because it is said to play a role in the development of a type of white blood cells that help protect your body against pathogens. Vitamin A can be found in eggs, dark leafy vegetables, and cod liver oil.
  • Vitamin C – helps the natural defense system of your body cells against external influences and thus has a positive influence on your immune system. Oranges, (fresh) orange juice, broccoli, tomato, strawberry, and red or green bell pepper are all rich in vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D – supports the immune system and thus helps protect the body against infections. Between March and October, sunlight is our main source of vitamin D. In the winter months, vitamin D production is low or absent. Then your body uses the stock that you have built up during the summer months. You can supplement this with a supplement.
  • Zinc – aids the immune system and is found in seafood, red meat, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and eggs, among other things. Make sure you don’t get too much zinc. The Nutrition Center uses a daily recommendation of 9m for men and 7mg for women. Read more about what zinc can do for your resistance here.
  • Iron – has a positive influence on the immune system. Iron is mainly found in meat, green vegetables, nuts, and whole-grain products.

While there are many vitamins and mineral supplements out there, take what your doctor prescribes. Make it a point to visit your doctor every year so that you are sure your body is fit enough to fight naturally occurring radicals.