Ways to Donate and Support

If it comes to helping others affected by leukemia, you are able to do lots of things which don’t involve donating cash from your pocket.

Let us face it, a number people simply do not have a lot of money to contribute. But do not let this dissuade you from assisting when you want to do so.

Relay For Life – This really is an event coordinated by the American Cancer Society. You can form
The consequences of chemotherapy. Donating your bloodstream or platelets is a priceless gift you can provide that just takes a small moment.

Deliver Cards – Still another way to get the lives of individuals affected by cancer is by simply sending cards

Create wigs for cancer patients who have lost their own hair because of chemotherapy. Baldness can have a psychological effect on cancer sufferers and using a wig made from real hair can make them feel much better about their physical appearance.

Donate Blood or platelets – Cancer sufferers experience blood and platelet transfusions because of

Participating at the event will even reveal your service for all those affected with cancer. Fund raising and forming a staff will take some time and organizational abilities.