Understanding the Annual Physical Exams Required by Employers

July 4, 2021 Off By Warner Quinten

Not a few workers are wary of taking the annual physical checkups required by their employers as the tests could yield results that could cost them their jobs. However, some are able to ensure positive results by using synthetic urine products as their samples. Yet when doing so it would be wise to make sure of using the best fake urine sample because if the scheme gets discovered, the erring worker could still lose his or her job.

Why Most Companies Require Employees to Take Physical Exams Annually

-The rationale behind the required annual physical examinations in workplaces is to ensure that all employees are fit to work and are not carriers of any contagious that could endanger not only other workers but the also all people interacting with the business. In some states, the local health department may require certain types of businesses, such as healthcare providers, to adopt the policy of requiring their employees to undergo annual physical examinations.

What Do Annual Physical Checkups Determine?

Annual physical examinations are regarded as important aspects of maintaining a healthy and safe workplace. However not all physical exams require a drug test urinalysis, since the urine test required is the standard type, which merely provides indications of a current illness, or of any undetected illness.

Generally, most annual physical assessments determine the following:

Blood pressure
Pulse rate
Respiration rate Body mass index (BMI) Allergies and general social history
Existing medical illnesses
Previous medical history
Height and weight
This denotes that an annual physical exam is not as worrisome as others think; not unless an employer deems it best to include drug tests, and in some instances, TB tests.

Nevertheless, company-sponsored annual physical examinations benefit employees because the results could raise their awareness of the need to improve their well-being. As such, companies may give their employees the paid vacation leave they’ve been missing so they can take proactive steps in preventing the worsening of a health disorder.

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