Health Tips On Dietary Supplements

September 17, 2022 Off By Royce Wendell

Dietary supplements are very similar to medicines due to their dosage form as tablets, powder or ampoules and clear daily doses. In contrast to medicines, however, there are no standards for these foods. It is only specified which vitamins and minerals may be used, but not how much of them. There are no maximum amounts. Neither effectiveness nor safety are checked in advance by the authorities.

Manufacturers and sellers are responsible for safety. Advertising claims must be right. This is only checked afterwards, by competitors, consumer protection organizations and food monitoring. However, the latter is quite overwhelmed due to a lack of staff, even though food supplements are among the foods with the highest complaint rates.

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Natural does not mean safe

Not everything that is natural is really safe. After all, there are many toxic plant compounds. Just think of fly agaric, deadly nightshade or laburnum. Be skeptical when a product claims it has no side effects because it is all natural.

Side effects and interactions are possible

Some dietary supplements can interact with medications such as anticoagulants, blood pressure medication, birth control pills, painkillers or antidepressants. They can weaken or even increase their effect. This applies in particular to dietary supplements with plant substances. In addition, some supplements can cause slight, temporary side effects such as gastrointestinal problems. If the problem persists, you should seek medical advice.

Be aware that prohibited drugs may be included

This particularly affects slimming products and fat burners, products to increase potency and libido, and dietary supplements for athletes. This applies above all, but not only, to products from the Internet.

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Talk to your doctor

The doctor’s practice and also the laboratory staff should know about everything that you take for your health apart from prescribed medication. Physicians can correctly assess your laboratory values, keep track of them and ensure that you are doing well. This way, you are sure that your health is not at risk when taking dietary supplements.