Donate in Honor

We express our deepest condolences in case you’ve lost a loved one and expect you could get some comfort in committing to a cause that was near their heart.

1 way households decide to raise cash is by asking other people to donate money to a selected charity rather than buying flowers for your funeral. We can supply envelopes for gifts to you.

A contribution page in memory of a loved one is a easy and hassle-free direction of raising capital. Additionally, it enables those who might not have the ability to attend the funeral to create a donation.


Alternately, we could give you boxes and envelopes to get a collection in the funeral. Should you want, we can also give information leaflets to notify others of precisely who they are committing to and what we do as a charity.


In Honor Campaign provides the chance to create a contribution to celebrate a family’s survivorship or some particular event –a birthday party, anniversary, or even a marriage, or recognize that the guts of a friend or relative who’s fighting leukemia.