Debunking Marketing Hype about Detoxification as a Cancer Preventing Measure

February 3, 2022 Off By Warner Quinten

Most health supplement marketers offer their detox products as an easy fix to cancer, which although largely appealing, are not supported by scientific studies. Nor are there large bodies of evidence that show such measures are effective in lessening the odds of developing cancer. On the contrary, studies show that restrictive and prolonged fasting during detoxification, only reduces the immune supportive nutrients that the body ordinarily needs.

Detoxification, if not properly planned and supervised, has drawbacks. Mainly because prolonged and restrictive fasting can upset the electrolyte imbalances and lead to low blood sugar, fatigue, diarrhea and nausea. Cleansing and detox have been media hyped everywhere in pop culture even with the lack of scientific evidence that doing so lessens the risks of having breast cancer.

Healthy Lifesfyle and Natural Cleansing Systems

Scientists and doctors explain that our body has advanced and efficient internal organs, which if supported by a healthy lifestyle, do not need any outside help in expelling wastes from the body. Furthermore, it is important to remember that medical treatments for cancer such as radiation and chemotherapy cannot be substituted with ‘natural’ methods. That debunks suggestion that patients can omit traditional cancer medical treatments for ‘natural methods’.

According to nutritionist Stacy Kennedy, MPH, RD, CSO at the Dana-Farber/Brigham Cancer Center for Women, people who believe in such claims believe detox products and diets work. They get regularly asked about the Gerson diet and about the impact of carrot juice on cancer. Ms. Kennedy gives advice that it is best to consult with medical professionale first before swapping medical treatment with an alternative medicine plan such as detoxification.

Distinguishing Drug Detoxification as a Medical Procedure

Drug detox centers are the most appropriate places to kickstart actions to stop drug use. Here, drug detoxification is the process that naturally gets rid of the toxic drugs harming a drug-dependent body. As an example, a detox Phoenix AZ program uses various methods, not only to remove toxins but also to reduce the side effects that come along in withdrawing from drug use.

The goal of drug detoxification centers is to help patients deal with the withdrawal symptoms they experience while abstaining from the drug. A well planned and managed detoxification procedure includes medically stabilizing a petient, while alleviating the harmful effects of withdrawal.

All of which are in preparation for their transfer to a substance abuse rehabilitation program. Substance abuse rehabilitation is more complex as it includes psychological and social recovery from drug abuse.