CBD Supplements : Understanding The Benefits of Cannabidiol Derived from Organic Hemp

August 27, 2021 Off By Warner Quinten

CBD oil or cannabidiol today is quite accessible as they can be purchased at local grocery stores, pharmacies or from the website of manufacturers. While CBD today can be taken as part of a therapy for a medical condition, it is generally not recommended as a cure-all solution for all types of diseases.
The only CBD product that has received FDA approval as medication is Epidiolex, which doctors prescribe, only to patients diagnosed as suffering from a rare type of epilepsy.

Currently, no FDA approval for CBD lends support to claims that it can cure cancer or reduce cancer symptoms; or at the least, provide relief from the side effects induced by chemotherapy on cancer patients. While there are claims that cannabidiol can, at the very least, alleviate the pain suffered by cancer victims in relation to symptoms or treatments,such claim has yet to be supported by evidences gathered from large clinical studies.

CBD Oils: Distinguishing Marijuana CBD from Hemp CBD

There is a common misconception that CBD oil supplements are derive from marijuana.

First off, one should understand that cannabidiol from marijuana is different from the cannabidiol derived from hemp plants. Although both types of CBD extracts contain an active ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol from hemp has less THC content. This makes the hemp cannabidiol less of a psychoactive agent. As opposed to marijuana use, its high level of THC content leads to drowsiness and mental confusion or at worst, hallucinations.

If CBD supplements are not effective as medicinal cure, what can CBD supplements do for the body?

CBD supplements come in a variety forms such as drops applied under the tongue, or roll-ons applied on the skin, Some manufacturers even produce CBD oils as food additives for creating specialty food products, Some others produce CBD oils consumable as vape liquids,

Pharmbiotics for one produce CBD supplements in varying formulations of cannabidiol derived from organically grown hemp, There are CBD products formulated as sleeping aid, energy booster or for relief of discomfort caused by monthly menstrual periods. All Pharmbiotics CBD formulations are purely cannabidiol extracts in which THC content has been reduced to zero percent level.

Moreover, the company’s array of CBD supplements combine pure cannabidiol oils with other organic extracts in order to fully optimize the relaxing effects provided by the product.

Citing the CBD Sleep Drops as an example, its formulation includes chamomile, which when used as medicinal tea can produce a relaxing effect. The blend of these organic extracts helps reduce high cortisone levels, the stress hormones that can affect a person’s quality of sleep. Poor sleep or sleep deprivation will in turn affect moods or behaviors as they can be influenced by feelings of anxiety and at worst, mental depression.

Why Do Some Doctors Include CBD as Component of Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is the major treatment for cancer diseases like leukemia, mainly using chemical formulations to eradicate the cancer cells attacking the body, Depending on the type of cancer being treated, cancer specialists may include chemically produced cannabidiol as part of a chemotherapy.