President’s Message

It is now nearly two decades since the establishment of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation (NCLF).  During that time the NCLF has assisted thousands of children and adults in their efforts to receive lifesaving medical care, and thousands of individuals have been added to the bone marrow registry through our efforts.  Many lives have been saved, many wishes have been granted, and many patients have benefited from our referrals and advocacy efforts.    At this critical point in time, we are focusing tremendous effort on our research program. The NCLF Biomedical Cancer Research Team is working tirelessly to find a cure for cancer and leukemia. I know that many other researchers worldwide are looking for a cure, and I hope that, very soon, the breakthrough will happen and bring hope for the millions of people waiting for a cure.  Our goal is to provide the cure, and I hope that this will happen very soon. We have recently filed a provisional patent application for a new and exciting treatment for leukemia.  Please check out a recent press release about our StemCell Cocktail treatment:


Most importantly, please join us in our lifesaving effort – TODAY!

 Yehuda Guttwein, President