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 National Children’s Leukemia Foundation

News Flash: The NCLF has recently filed a provisional patent application for a Stem Cell Cocktail – new and promising treatment for cancer and leukemia.  Thanks to our dedicated research team, we are moving closer to providing the cure.   Please read about our exciting Stem Cell Cocktail treatment for leukemia and cancer:

NCLF Biomedical Cancer Research Center.

The NCLF Research Center is staffed by leading scientists in the fields of molecular biology, stem cell biology, hematology and oncology, who work collaboratively to advance knowledge and develop innovative treatment technologies.  Our current focus is studying the relationship between cancer cells and adult  stem cells, the results of which will impact both current clinical practice and the future design of cancer therapies. In particular, we believe our efforts will lead to the development of new therapeutic schemes for AML (acute myeloid leukemia), a particularly rare and aggressive form of leukemia.

Research using Adult Stem Cells: Stem cell research represents the cutting edge of cancer research today. All NCLF research is conducted using stem cells from adult donors or stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord or placenta after birth.  The NCLF does NOT use embryonic stem cells in its research.

Why we use Adult Stem Cells:  As a result of legislation signed in  2001, almost all cancer research involving embryonic stem cells in the past decade has been conducted using only 12 cell lines, with only 12 sets of genes, mutations and characteristics,   While these 12 cell lines have been useful in gathering basic information,  they cannot provide researchers with the necessary information for understanding and treating diseases. To conduct valuable research, a much larger sample size is required.  Adult stem cells, voluntarily donated by adult donors or extracted from the umbilical cord or placenta after birth, do not require the destruction of an embryo and  offer greater variability,    Unlike embryonic stem cells, that are  known to form tumors or be rejected by recipents because of their “biologically foreign” status, adult stem cells are relatively easy to collect and rarely cause rejection.  Scientists have also recently identified methods to “turn back the clock” on adult stem cells, creating cells (iPS cells) that have many features in common with embryonic stem cells.

The Cure is Within Our Reach –     Your Role 

The NCLF believes that, by studying the interaction of adult stem cells with cancer cells, a cure for cancer, leukemia and other blood disorders – terrible diseases that destroy the lives of thousands of children every year – will be found.  There is no question that the cure is within our reach.  


Your support is crucial to the success of our efforts.  

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