Accomplishments of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation

News Flash!  As a result of the hard work by NCLF scientists working in the NCLF Biomedical Cancer & Leukemia Research Program, NCLF has recently filed a patent application #61564317 for a new and innovative  treatment for leukemia.

News Flash! Founder of National Children’s Leukemia Unveiled Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Treatment Potential Cure for Cancer at GIL 2012: Europe

News Flash!   NCLF is expanding its Biomedical Cancer & Leukemia Research Program to include exciting new research on treatment of breast cancer.


1. Providing individual counseling and medical referrals which to thousands of patients.

2. Providing financial assistance for housing, food, transportation, etc. to hundreds of patients and families.

3.  Providing assistance to patients and families worldwide by arranging for flights, medical care and hospitality for international patients in need of medical care in the United States.

4. Distributing toys to children in hospitals.

5. Supporting scientists working on cutting-edge scientific research in the field of cancer and leukemia.

6. Providing bone marrow donor referral services for people in need of lifesaving transplants

7.  Testifying at public hearings and creating public awareness to increase the pool of available bone marrow donors

8. Supporting a new Biomedical Cancer Research Center that will bring together leading scientists in the fields of molecular biology, stem cell biology, hematology and oncology to work collaboratively to advance knowledge in the field and develop innovative technologies for treating cancer, leukemia and other blood disorders.

9. Establishing the Ninja Power program – a martial arts program for pediatric cancer patients, available now on the East Coast and soon-to-be-available on the West Coast. *Currently unavailable

10. Creating the Dance Power program – a dance therapy program for pediatric cancer patients opening this year in multiple locations throughout the United States. *Currently unavailable

11. Promoting cord blood banking and assisting women in collecting and banking their cord blood at birth.